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CCNP SWITCH Exam - Router Redundancy Protocols

SWITCH Practice Exam

By Josh E.

Being able to implement first hop router redundancy protocols is one of the objectives listed for Cisco’s 642-813 SWITCH exam. Cisco supports three first hop redundancy protocols: Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP), Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP), and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP). This article provides an overview of each of these protocols.

GLBP is a router redundancy protocol that also provides load balancing. GLBP enables you to configure multiple routers as a GLBP group; the routers in the group receive traffic sent to a virtual IP address that is configured for the group. Each GLBP group contains an active virtual gateway (AVG) that is elected based on which router is configured with the highest priority value, or with the highest IP address if multiple routers are configured with the highest priority value. The other routers in the GLBP group are configured as primary or secondary active virtual forwarders (AVFs). Up to four primary AVFs can be configured in a GLBP group, and the primary AVFs can participate in forwarding traffic. Consequently, multiple routers can be used simultaneously to provide load balancing for the GLBP group.

TSHOOT - How to Tackle Cisco's 642-832 Exam


By Michael Aldridge

Hi! I'm Michael Aldridge, Senior Content Developer at Boson Software. We've recently released our new ExSim-Max for TSHOOT product, and I'd like to share with you some thoughts about how to prepare for Cisco's new 642-832 TSHOOT exam.

The TSHOOT exam, which is part of the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) track, is quite different from Cisco's previous exams. In addition to traditional questions, such as multiple choice and drag-and-drop questions, you will also receive several troubleshooting labs to diagnose by using a unique trouble ticket system not found in any of Cisco's other exams.

TSHOOT: Inside Look at our TSHOOT Practice Exam (Study Hint!)


By Brian Scheibe

If you’re studying for the Cisco 642-832 TSHOOT exam, here’s an inside look at the best way to study and understand what to expect by using the Boson ExSim-Max TSHOOT practice exam.

Hint: For each ticket, there might be an obvious problem, but it might not answer the question that is being asked. Look at every possible issue before answering the first question of the trouble ticket.

My Experience with the Cisco TSHOOT Beta Exam


By Bryan Baize, CCIE #16139

Last week I took the beta exam for the new TSHOOT class from Cisco. The test has a new type of question in addition to the standard multiple choice and drag-and-drop questions. The new questions have an elaborate trouble ticket based scenario. I was quite impressed by the quality and creativity in this new question type. This will be a real test of an engineers knowledge, and seems nearly impossible to brain dump! I am limited by non-disclosure, so I can't reveal much about the test, however for $50 you can still take the beta yourself, if you have the time, go take a look at it!

Changes to the CCNP Program


By Bryan Baize, CCIE #16139

Cisco has recently announced a revamp of the CCNP program. To begin this process, Cisco ordered a Job Task Analysis (JTA) to discover what the marketplace really expects from a CCNP certified professional. The participants in the JTA included subject matter experts from all over the world.

The results of the JTA indicate that it is time for the CCNP to get back to the basics of routing and switching and also bring back troubleshooting. Overall, the marketplace would like the CCNP professional to be a more a self-sufficient and freethinking network engineer. The IT professionals surveyed indicated that the CCNP job role would include three items:

  • planning
  • network maintenance
  • troubleshooting

Cisco developed the new program around several goals, including:

Cisco Network Simulator - What's cool about NetSim?

Cisco Network Simulator

By Chad Altman

Boson NetSim Network Simulator is an application that simulates Cisco Systems' networking hardware and software and is designed to help you learn the Cisco IOS command structure. That alone is pretty cool, but it gets better. NetSim uses its Virtual Packet Technology® engine to create individual packets that are routed and switched through the simulated network, to build an appropriate virtual routing table and to simulate true networking. NetSim doesn't just look like a real network, it acts like one too -- same telnet window, same shortcut commands, same hands-on experience.

What else? NetSim supports the technologies and commands necessary for the CCENT, CCNA and CCNP certification exams and provides a great solution for individual self-studiers, classroom training and corporate IT departments. Equipment can be expensive and at times is simply not practical. NetSim makes it possible for you to design and configure a network with 47 different router models and 3 different Catalyst models to choose from. It is simply the most robust and cost-effective choice for meeting your certification goals. Don't put off your studies -- get certified with NetSim today!

NetSim Advanced Features
(Click the links below to see a screenshot of each feature.)

• Simulates 47 different Cisco devices
• Simulates network traffic with Virtual Packet Technology
• Provides two different viewing styles: window-in-window mode or a
telnet client
• Supports up to 200 devices on one
network topology
• Allows instructors to include their own
labs and offer grading for them
• Allows users to create their own simulated networks with the
Boson Network Designer.
• Supports
SDM simulation
• Enables keyword and curriculum
searches by users who want to access specific labs

For more information about NetSim, visit

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