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Boson Exam Environment Customization

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By Glenn

When you use the Boson Exam Environment (BEE) for an ExSim-Max or a Marketplace practice exam, you can incorporate several available customization options – these deliver a customized exam experience and allow you to take the exam in a way that works best for your study goals.

To take advantage of the customization options, you should first load an exam using the BEE. You will then see the Current Exam Settings screen. From there, select the radio button for Custom Exam.

“Why do you do what you do at Boson?”

boson presidents day

By Delana Hallstedt

President’s Day finds me loading up my son to bring him into the office with me because my husband and I clearly failed to be on the same page in regards to daycare for this school holiday. Nothing a quiet corner in my office with a laptop, iPod touch, and a cup of hot cocoa can’t handle. We’ve got this!

On the ride in, we drove past a brick and mortar publishing company near the office and he asked me “How do you publish your work at Boson?”

Boson's Practice Exams Sold Separately

Boson ExSim-Max Practice Exams

By Brian Scheibe

So, you got a CD with your study guide, and it might seem unclear what the material from the CD is. Is it a study guide, a book review, or a practice exam? Let’s start with trying to define the features of each so that we can then compare them.

  • Study Guide – covers all of the published concepts that could appear on a live exam
  • Book Review – reviews topics covered by each chapter of the book
  • Practice Exam – covers topics and concepts you are likely to see on the live exam in a way that simulates the actual exam

Now that you know what the material might be, how can you determine which you have? Well one way is to consider how the material is presented. Logically if you can sort the questions by chapter on the CD, it is a book review. If you can sort the CD by concept or topic, it is either a study guide or a practice exam.

My Experience with the Cisco TSHOOT Beta Exam


By Bryan Baize, CCIE #16139

Last week I took the beta exam for the new TSHOOT class from Cisco. The test has a new type of question in addition to the standard multiple choice and drag-and-drop questions. The new questions have an elaborate trouble ticket based scenario. I was quite impressed by the quality and creativity in this new question type. This will be a real test of an engineers knowledge, and seems nearly impossible to brain dump! I am limited by non-disclosure, so I can't reveal much about the test, however for $50 you can still take the beta yourself, if you have the time, go take a look at it!

How to use ExSim-Max Practice Exams

ExSim-Max Practice Exams

By Kelly Mansfield

There are many ways to learn the technology for your certification exam. You can read books, attend training classes and get actual experience. But even with all that knowledge, do you really know if you can pass the certification exam? Let me go ahead and answer that one for you. Well, not really. With ExSim-Max™ Practice Exams, you will know what to expect when you are ready for the real exam.

ExSim-Max is designed to simulate the complete exam experience, including topics covered, question types, question difficulty and time allowed. Plus ExSim-Max includes accurate and detailed explanations for each question. You don't just learn the answer; you actually learn the technologies too.

How to use ExSim-Max :

  1. First, get an ExSim-Max product. (In case you didn't know, ExSim-Max products include multiple practice exams.)
  2. Take Exam A, and don't peek at the answers.
  3. View your score report to see what areas you need to improve upon.
  4. Review the questions and detailed answers provided in order to learn the material; don't just memorize the answers.
  5. Use the references provided, and study the topics where you are struggling.
  6. When you think you are ready, take Exam B.
  7. If you don't pass, repeat the previous steps.
  8. If you do pass, just for fun, go ahead and take Exam C to increase your knowledge of the required material.
  9. When you can pass the ExSim-Max practice exams, you will know you are ready for the real exam.
  10. Go take the IT certification exam with confidence.


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