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How to use NetSim Network Simulator | New Demo Labs Available

Jan 31, 2013 9:12:00 AM / by Kelly Mansfield

You asked, we answered! When you asked about creating your own topologies in NetSim, we listened and have now released labs to help you do just that. The two new Demo labs we released allow you to work through the steps to create a topology and then configure it. You can do so much more in this lab than simply evaluate NetSim – you can create, configure, modify, and examine everything within your simulated network. You can see the steps in the Demo labs performed in the videos below.

Demo Lab 2 - NetSim Topology Demo Lab walks you through the process of creating a new topology from scratch. In this lab, you can connect routers, switches, and workstations together to form a working network. The routers are linked together using both Frame Relay and Serial connections. The switches are connected to the routers and workstations using FastEthernet ports. Although the topology you create in the lab might not be the exact one you have been planning, the lab contains a great overview of the features in NetSim. With the information you learn in this lab, you can begin to create your own specialized topologies.

Demo Lab 3 - NetSim Configuration Demo Lab walks you through the process of configuring the devices in the topology you created in Demo Lab 2. In this lab, you can configure Frame Relay links, subinterfaces, workstations, and routers. You will use EIGRP as the routing protocol to enable traffic to flow from one end of the network to the other. Coupling the configuration information you learn in this lab with the topology information you learn in the first lab, you will be able to configure your specialized topologies with specialized settings.

These new Demo labs showcase NetSim's topology designer and some of the most useful features of the fully activated NetSim.

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