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MS Windows Tips and Tricks | 2.7.3 Windows XP Mode

Apr 25, 2013 11:14:00 AM / by Kelson Lawrence posted in Windows XP Mode, XPM, Windows Virtual PC (VPC)


2.7.3 Windows XP Mode

By Val Bakh

We don’t talk much of Windows Vista nowadays. It didn’t stay on the market very long and was soon replaced with a “new-and-improved” version, Windows 7. The important fact, however, is that Windows Vista was the first of the new generation of Microsoft’s operating systems. The move from Windows XP to Windows Vista and Windows 7 is perhaps even more significant than the long-forgotten departure from Windows NT in favor of Windows 2000. In the big scheme of things, Windows 2000 brought us Active Directory, but from a regular user’s perspective, the change was not all that significant: a prettier graphical user interface (GUI), but not much difference in the applications that users could run. Windows XP added a few new bells and whistles but did not hinder our ability to run most of our favorite legacy applications.

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