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IT Podcasts to listen to on International Podcast Day

Sep 30, 2021 7:47:53 AM / by Thomas Bartolomeo


Podcasting is a medium on the rise. In an increasing on demand world, podcasts are to audio what YouTube and Netflix were to video. Without the time constraints of traditional audio media, podcasts provide access to longform conversation without disruptive formulaic breaks.  With a wide range of genres and delivery formats to choose from, there is a podcast for everyone. We've assembled a trio  of IT Podcasts to listen to in celebration of International Podcast Day. 


Heavy Networking


This hour-long weekly podcast consists of deep dives covering the latest and greatest in networking technology. Each week the hosts Greg FerroEthan Banks, and Drew Conry-Murray  are joined by a spectrum of industry experts to discuss the topic at hand. With nearly 600 episodes, there is long form content available across all areas of networking.

Recommended Episodes


Darknet Diaries


The True Crime genre is in many ways the OG of podcasting. Darknet Diaries covers where crime and IT intersect on the dark side of the internet. Cybercrime, breaches, shadow government actors, and more are covered in this true story telling podcast. Hosted by show creator Jack Rhysider, this show balances IT nerdiness with compelling narration and occasional commentary from those involved in the stories being told.

Recommended Episodes

This Week in Tech

twit_albumart_standard_20481x1-42817eea7ade52607a760cbee00d1495Feeling more like a traditional talk radio show than a typical podcast, This Week in Tech consists of a roundtable of tech experts, journalists, academics, and other guests discussing the latest headlines in tech. Guided by the news cycle, this show covers a wide range of tending topics from crypto currency policy in China to Elon Musk’s latest endeavors.

Recommended Episodes


These podcasts are sure to get your IT juices flowing. Take advantage of Boson offerings to hone your skills and get ready to obtain your next IT Certification. 

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