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How to level up your exam prep with NetSim Network Simulator

Feb 9, 2022 1:30:03 PM / by Boson Software



You can take your certification preparation to the next level and gain first-hand experience with NetSim Network Simulator. Through guided labs you will gain the hands-on experience necessary to successfully complete your certification.

What is NetSim?

NetSim is a learning tool that simulates Cisco Systems' networking hardware and software. It is designed to give you the hands-on experience entering commands and configuring protocols in order to pass your certification exam.

NetSim comes with guided labs covering the topics that are required on the corresponding certification exam. These labs are preconfigured and designed to improve your understanding and allow you to master the skills necessary to complete your certification. Now available entirely online, you can start using NetSim as quickly as you can open your web browser.


What makes NetSim different?

NetSim is unique compared to all others on the market because of the functionality it supports and its features. A wide variety of Cisco® routers and switches are included, and multiple routing protocols are supported.

The labs in NetSim require only the devices and functionality included with NetSim—they do not require access to any external router or switch hardware. NetSim supports many, but not all, of the IOS commands available on a physical router or switch. All of the commands referenced in the available labs are supported by NetSim.


How do I use NetSim to prepare for a certification? 

The primary purpose of NetSim is to help you with the practical, hands-on portion of your education and to ensure that you not only understand the concepts of routing but can actually configure and implement routing on Cisco devices. You can compare your configuration to the expected, which helps you track mistakes and point you in the right direction.

Mastering Cisco networking involves two fundamental tasks: learning the theory of routers and switches and gaining the hands-on experience of implementing that theory by configuring the devices in a network and testing them in a lab environment.

Self-studying for a certification can be a daunting task. The amount of information a CCNA candidate is required to know and the skills that candidate is required to possess are quite extensive. To begin learning the theory of configuring a network, you can find a good reference book or listen to an instructor. But merely reading a reference book will not give you the practical, hands-on experience of routing and switching that you can gain from NetSim—experience that will help you build on the theoretical knowledge you learned from the book.


What about NetSim online?

NetSim can now be accessed on nearly any internet-connected device including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. With the NetSim online applications, there is no download, no installation, and no set up required. This utilizes fewer system resources in comparison with the desktop version, and you can start working through the labs immediately. NetSim online also allows for instant updates so you are always working with current material.


The Boson NetSim Network Simulator is the most comprehensive product on the market for learning how to configure Cisco routers, switches and protocols. NetSim will not only help you become certified, it will also help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence needed on the job.

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